In 2018, we at the AKZENT Hotel Jonathan decided to use our partner Viabono to determine the climate efficiency class of our hotel. The result was a top A classification. Now in the year of our recertification we’ve made the decision, the certification itself is definitely not enough! We want to actively work with you, to combat climate change and have therefore decided to compensate for it overall. It means for you that because of our total compensation your stay is completely climate neutral and you’ll support the projects below.

certification 2020

CO2OL Project - Tropical Mix Panama

The project implemented in Panama combines sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation, with the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of the forest ecosystem. This will not only create long-term and fair jobs for the local population, but also new habitats for animals and a new ecosystem through the planting of predominantly native tree species. CO2OL has been the brand and business unit of the ForestFinance Group since 2008. As a reforestation specialist, CO2OL develops and implements forest climate protection projects for CO2 binding worldwide.

MoorFutures Project - "Rehwiese" in Brandenburg

The project “Rehwiese” covers 9.7 ha and is located near Freienhagen (between Nassenheide and Liebenwalde, Oberhavel district). In this process, a dry bog is re-wetted in order to turn the greenhouse gas source into a highly efficient carbon storage system. Among other things, re-wetting promotes biodiversity and offers a variety of insects and birds a place to rest, nest and live.


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